I practise in easel painting, mainly oil on canvas, graphic art (also commercial) and tapestry.
I love what I do and I do what I love.
My painting is my passion and heaven’s grace, labour and joy, blank canvas. Always on my way or on the crosswords, myself and the spectator.
On the other side, I know that every picture, besides the artist’s intention, mostly owes its value to the viewer’s sensitiveness. It becomes alive and fulfils in the eyes of the spectator.
I invite to my gallery.
Showing your interest you bring my works to life again.
Thank you…
Barbara Wojciechowska-Makowska

The main concern of the artist is the human being in a surrounding world, his life and choices. She takes up different challenges, mixes various artistic media in joy of colourful creation. A portrait and a figure are favourite subjects. She presents harmony and an atmosphere  around her, often refers to symbolism or creates fairytale worlds. She makes spiritual values real leaving a small part of herself in every piece of art. Her pictures are in many private collections and in churches.